Changing the way we live through greater access, powerful knowledge, and sharing through Web3

Web3 Pioneers

DCentralize is co-opting the forces of Web3 to change how we all live our lives. Building a better world that’s open to all, and where you can have a real influence on the cultural movements that matter most to you.

Unique Festival

DCentralize Festival is our blockchain-powered festival that’s owned by the community and shared through Web3. With over 30,000 people attending in real life and virtually, we’re pioneering a new way to own, enjoy and influence culture—through music, knowledge sharing and workshops. A unique blend of music, Web3, crypto and blockchain stages brings the leading edge of all cultures together at once.

Access Obsessed

DCentralize brings together expertise in technology, investment, music, and events to make this new world a reality. Industry leaders working across the planet in a productive, empowering way, with a shared vision of what Web3 can achieve for everyone. A culture that’s built, operated, and owned by the users.

Reinventing Sharing

We’re creating a decentralized world where the power lies in the hands of the community. Our focus on the music industry, tech, crypto and blockchain creates new connections across the globe, immersing and empowering fans and creators.

Decentralized Knowledge

We believe in a decentralized world, culture that belongs to all, with no limits. Just as music is a force that sets humanity apart, we know that advances in technology are poised to change our culture in new and unexpected ways. We want to advance the positive changes that Web3 and decentralized systems will bring to all of us: a fairer world, shaped and guided by those who want to connect.

14-16 Aug 2023


Prestwold Hall Estate,
England, UK





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